Pork Workshop

Workshops and courses run on a small working farm in an idyllic part of Hampshire, only an hour from London. We offer a range of courses and workshops with experienced tutors, masters of their crafts, where you can relax, enjoy and learn.

All our courses have small numbers to enable individual attention and are held on mid-week evenings or at weekends. Bespoke courses can also be arranged.

We aim to help you learn whilst having fun, so courses start with coffee and homemade cake! Lunch is provided on whole day workshops.

We try to arrange our workshops at times to suit you if these dates don't work for you. Please call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss alternatives.


Lamb Workshop

Spend time with Mike our master butcher, watch him butcher a lamb and then have a go! Prepare a French-trimmed rack, cut Barnsley chops, butterfly a leg of lamb. Take home a pack of lamb with the opportunity to buy more.

Coffee and home-made cake are included are included on the day to keep your strength up!

£70 (minimum 3 hours).


Salami making

Pork Workshop

You will have a chance to find out about the numerous ways a pig can be butchered. Watch and be amazed at Mike's butchering skills preparing chops, tenderloin, boning and rolling a joint for roasting. There is opportunity to try out some yourself too and take home some pork.

Refreshments are included on the day.

£70 (minimum 3 hours).


Proper Sausage Workshop

Learn how to make your own sausages, mix seasonings and make a batch to take home. You choose the seasoning, taste the flavour and make the sausages, learning how to link them too.

Enjoy a glass of wine or local beer with Parsonage Farm-produced charcuterie.

This course is suitable for children over 5 accompanied by an adult. Groups are welcome, weekend or evening courses. Coffee and home-made cake provided.

£60 (minimum 3 hours).


Charcuterie Workshop

A full day course of Pork Butchery and Charcuterie. After seeing the pigs our Master butcher starts the workshop with a demonstration and plenty of hands on opportunities to learn how to prepare a pork carcass for making a wide selection of cured meats. The second part of the day is a practical session making a range of charcuterie including, curing bacon, chorizo, salami, air dried pork etc. Lunch and coffee is included, you take home cured meats you have prepared during the day and have an opportunity to buy more

£155 10am - 4pm

Numbers are limited to 6

Charcuterie Cure-Your-Own Workshop

A half day workshop on the curing process. The workshop will be a practical session making bacon, chorizo, salami and preparing and curing meat for air drying. Take home your produce to amaze your friends. There's time to see the pigs, salami and cured meats drying and plenty of opportunity to try some too. The day starts at 10 with coffee and home-made cake.

We like to keep the course numbers small so everyone gets a chance to have a go and there's opportunities to ask all those burning questions.

£75 10am - 1pm


Salami making Workshop

Learn the processes involved in making salami. Have a go at making some yourself, from preparation of the meat, seasoning, through mixing and skin stuffing to tying. There will be opportunity to try some Parsonage Farm salami.

You can take the salami home to dry or leave it here to collect later. Tea/coffee and homemade cakes are supplied.

3 hours, £70

Day or evening courses, numbers limited to 6 per course.


Workshop Dates

Open date gift vouchers are available, please contact Sarah for details

Charcuterie Workshops (all day)

  • April 23rd (Sunday) - 10am to 4pm (4 places left)
  • July 9th (Sunday) - 10am to 4pm (places available)
  • October 21st (Saturday) - 10am to 4pm (places available)

Charcuterie Cure-Your-Own Workshops

  • April 29th (Saturday) - 10am to 1.30pm (now FULL)
  • June 11th (Sunday) - 10am to 1.30pm (places available)

Salami Making Workshop

  • October 7th (Saturday) - 2pm to 5pm (places available)

Sausage Making

  • April 21st (Friday) - 2pm to 5pm (now FULL)
  • July 14th (Friday) - 6.30pm to 9.30pm (places available)
  • October 7th (Saturday) - 10am to 1pm (places available)

Pork Workshop

  • May 14th (Sunday) - 10am to 1pm (places available)

Lamb Workshop

  • May 14th (Sunday) - 2pm to 5pm (places available)

(if both Pork and Lamb workshops are booked together lunch will be provided and the total cost will be £130)


Vouchers can be purchased as gifts or for future workshops - please email us on the address below.


What people are saying...

"I have found it intriguing seeing it go from a whole animal to the different cuts. It's been eye-opening and I've realised that it's about knowing how to prepare each cut so you get the most from the meat. The atmosphere of the class has been great too."

"The Salami Making Course you put us through on the 15th of April was a model of how such courses should be run. Your welcome, the introduction and the preparation were spot on and the fact we were allowed, indeed expected, to do everything ourselves was just what we wanted. A neat point was that you encouraged us to taste a number of salamis so that we might choose the herb and spice recipe that we would use. As a result we didn’t choose our favourite taste (we can buy that any time) but chose something based on fennel that we thought was novel, interesting and experimental – at least for us!

The following mincing, mixing and filling of various animal intestines took us into areas that customers know little of, and the explanation of the curing process in your cabinets by Mr Mills filled out those interesting technical aspects that are normally thought to be of little interest to the consumer. But for us they completed a full and absorbing morning.Truly, it was an education – perhaps your past role as a teacher helped! And that we have got our produce at home enables us to show them proudly to others and bore them rigid with our exploits!"